All Traffic Solutions

12950 Worldgate Drive, Ste 310, Herndon, VA 20170
Contact:  Matthew O'Brien, Territory Manager / 571-321-5449 / [email protected]

All Traffic Solutions is a leader in portable, durable products and web-based solutions for traffic
management and safety.  We help law enforcement use data and devices such as web-enabled
radar speed displays and variable message signs to calm traffic, resolve complaints, and improve
safety outcomes while maximizing resources and budget.


5275 Park Lane #110, Lafayette, CO 80026
Contact:  Heidi Wells / 720-307-4372 / [email protected]

CaseCracker Onyx provides the tools necessary to strengthen investigations, maximize efficiency, and
reduce risk in court. With our user-friendly interface, investigators securely record, store, and manage their
interviews. We have a recording solution for any sized organization—learn more about our products


4816 49th Street, San Diego, CA 92115
Contact:  Jordon Burns / 386-848-3412 / [email protected]

CueHit automatically sends text message surveys to citizens after interactions with your department. We
believe most cops do a great job and most citizens are satisfied with law enforcement. We just never had
the data to prove that. Until now. CueHit uses CAD and RMS data to target those who have recently
interacted with 911 or officers for feedback. 

End2End Public Safety (ARMS Systems)

Contact:  800-776-6783 / [email protected]

Specializing in:  End2End Public Safety focuses on applications geared specifically to public
safety agencies throughout the United States.  We develop, deploy and support our applications
for all areas of public safety.  Our customer base consists of municipals (local and county),
colleges & universities, airports, hospitals, school districts and private security.

Motorola Solutions

500 W. Monroe, Chicago, IL 60661
Contact:  Michael Sheridan / [email protected]

Motorola Solutions is a global leader in mission-critical communications, command center

software, video security analytics, bolstered by managed & supported services, make communities
safer and help first responders stay productive and secure.

PlanIt Schedule

430 W. Orange Street, Lancaster, PA 07603
Contact:  Amy Harcourt / 866-471-2001 / [email protected]

PlanIt Police is the online personnel scheduling and communication system built for law
enforcement.  Join over 800 public safety agencies throughout the U.S. by streamlining your
schedules, time off, court appearances, overtime and much more, today!