Mobile Technology

AED | Patrol PC

344 John Dietsch Boulevard, Unit 1, North Attleboro, MA 02763
Contact:  Tasha Lusardi / 508-699-0458 / [email protected]

Patrol PC® is a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of UltraRugged™ MDTs. Built and optimized
exclusively for First Responders – Police and Fire. Designed for operator safety, comfort and
efficiency, our user-friendly platforms support handheld and vehicle-based missions – custom fit
for any marked or unmarked vehicle or apparatus. 100% Made in the USA.

Carfax for Police

5860 Trinity Parkway #600, Centreville, VA 20120

Contact:  Anna Ware / 703-268-0885 / [email protected]

Carfax for Police offers tools for law enforcement to keep your officers and community safe.  The
newest Driver Exchange changes how agencies collect and distribute information at reportable and
non-reportable accidents.  This digital solution helps clear accidents faster and give citizens instant
access to the information they need to resolve their accident.

End2End Public Safety (ARMS Systems)

Contact:  800-776-6783 / [email protected]

Specializing in:  End2End Public Safety focuses on applications geared specifically to public
safety agencies throughout the United States.  We develop, deploy and support our applications
for all areas of public safety.  Our customer base consists of municipals (local and county),
colleges & universities, airports, hospitals, school districts and private security.

FirstNet Built with AT&T

550 Cochituate Road, Framingham, MA 01701
Contact:  Luis Gonzalez / 860-839-5050 / 
[email protected]

FirstNet is the first only nationwide public safety broadband network, services and solutions
dedicated to First Responders and those who support them.  It is more than a network.  It
includes advanced services, applications and purpose-built devices.

Island Tech Services

337 Market Street Warren, RI 02885
Contact:  Paul Leon / 508-314-8228 / [email protected]

Island Tech Services delivers advanced technology, mobility, and vehicle solutions to first
responders. We are a solution provider able to offer a comprehensive and integrated set
of technologies and services spanning from headquarters to command vehicles. We deliver
peace of mind so you can deliver peace and safety. 

NEWCOM Wireless Services, LLC

575 Washington Street, Pembroke, MA 02359
Contact:  Kristine Loomer - Sales & Operations Manager / 781-424-7870 / [email protected]

Specializing in:  NEWCOM provides best-in-class technology hardware, software, and IT services
from the mobile environment to the data center for public safety.  These solutions are designed
to maximize your investment.
Providing rugged laptops, tablets, or handheld computers from the most reliable brands; rugged
mobile printers for e-citations, labels, and more from leading manufacturers everything is available
on MA OSD ITC73 State Contract. 

Motorola Solutions

500 W. Monroe, Chicago, IL 60661
Contact:  Michael Sheridan / [email protected]

Motorola Solutions is a global leader in mission-critical communications, command center
software, video security analytics, bolstered by managed & supported services, make communities
safer and help first responders stay productive and secure.

PlanIt Schedule

430 W. Orange Street, Lancaster, PA 07603
Contact:  Amy Harcourt / 866-471-2001 / [email protected]

PlanIt Police is the online personnel scheduling and communication system built for law
enforcement.  Join over 800 public safety agencies throughout the U.S. by streamlining your
schedules, time off, court appearances, overtime and much more, today!  


Contact:  Orazio “Ozzie” Azzarello / 817 8396843 / [email protected]

First responders are the first on the scene when called to action. State and local first responder
agencies face tight budgets, year after year. They’re faced with making difficult trade-offs
between purchasing life-saving equipment including personal protective equipment (PPE) or
funding important wireless communication services needed to do their jobs. T-Mobile is helping
solve that problem — for all public and non-profit state and local fire, police, EMS departments
and 911 Dispatch Centers — with Connecting Heroes, a 10-year commitment to help put money
back in their budgets. 

TransCOR Information Technologies

124 Jewett Street, Georgetown, MA 01833
Contact:  Rob Horn / 978-352-3100 / [email protected]

Rugged computers, vehicle mounts, mobile data software & integration, wireless, mobile printing,
AVL, GPS, office docking